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As an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) there's nothing more important that your PEACE OF MIND.

Does any of this feel familiar?

Does it feel like you've been running in place and pulled in too many directions for decades?

Have you put your desires on the back burner while taking care of other people's needs?


Do you know that there is a larger purpose for your life but aren't living it?

Have you always been the "different one" in your family or community?

Is your corporate job or your business slowly killing your Spirit?

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”

Shannon L. Alder

Peace in the Body-Mind is the Foundation of Your Ultimate Success

You may not even realize the full impact that decades of unhealed and mismanaged stress is having on your mind, body, and spirit.




The divide between where you are now, and where you want to be, isn't that great; even though it may seem like it. The only thing keeping you stuck are the limiting beliefs that deny the truth of your natural power, worth, and greatness.

There is NO circumstance that is more powerful than your ability to imagine and create a different reality for yourself. With the right mindset, tools, clarity, focus, follow-through, and support, the life that you've dreamed of is within your grasp.


It begins with creating body-mind inner peace so that you can create order and prosperity in your outer environment, and joyfully live your soul's purpose.

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Easy to Say, Not So Easy to Do

All of Still, I Rise Coaching's offerings are designed with the same desire in mind: for you to reclaim your innate peace, power, and joy by living your soul's purpose.

Easier said than done, right? Yes, especially if you've been attempting to do it alone. Sometimes it's even challenging when you sign up for coaching. Do you know, why?


Because most coaching and personal growth programs are designed as if there's something wrong that needs fixing. In fact, there's nothing wrong.

Challenging circumstances are the gateway to your inner wholeness. And your inner wholeness is the gateway to the manifestation of your desires.

Because Still, I Rise Coaching's approach is to

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About Martha

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Your time and money are valuable. Every day your Inbox is overrun with offers and endless pitch emails for products and services that will improve your life.


But how do you know if they are right for you?


Isn't it worth a quick 30-minute no-pressure coaching call to find out?


Hit the button below to schedule your call today.

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Schedule a Life Clarity Call

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Check Your Heart's Desire

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Put Your Needs First

Take the first step toward a life you love.

How Clients Feel About Still, I Rise


Catherine G.

Before my coaching with Martha, I felt lost, disconnected, and unsure that I was capable of ever pushing past fear and doubt. Working with Martha helped me regain my power and faith in myself. Her patient, calm, nurturing, passionate, and loving energy made me feel safe to free fall into my blind spots in every session. I was able to create a clear vision and timeline for my goals and took action steps with her guidance. The best part of my experience was feeling like I was speaking to an authentic and amazing human who made me feel beyond comfortable each and every session. Her energy is unique and special. I highly recommend Martha to anyone and everyone who is ready to move forward towards their goals.


Jeanne R.

Through the DreamBuilder® coaching program, I not only had access to quality information and tools, but with the addition of Martha’s guidance, my efforts made a tangible difference in a short time span. One example was when I set an intention for a song I had written to be presented to a specific major recording artist. Within hours of making a small shift in the daily journaling assignment I was given, I received a call from the music industry contact I had routinely pestered for 2 years. That evening as I stood behind the glass at the mic singing in the recording studio there was a very surreal feeling and joy I can’t describe. I can’t recommend Martha and the DreamBuilder® program enough.


Fatima W.

The value that I got out of DreamBuilder® coaching was far beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I released self-limiting beliefs around the idea that I had to work really hard in order to be successful and that it had to take a long time. Because of the tools I walked away with I was able to release weight, manifest a new home, increase my bottom line as I found the courage to increase my rates, and create tools and courses I had been stuck on in online programs. Coach Martha is one of the most intuitive, compassionate, and spiritually grounded coaches I've ever worked with. Be it a life, business, or spiritual coach, I feel like I got all three in one.

Receive Your FREE Gift!

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Did you know that one of the quickest ways to establish peace in your Body-Mind is to have a regular gratitude practice? Being grateful, even for the smallest thing, is the #1 way to level up your vibration and prepare yourself to receive what you most desire.


Write 3 gratitudes a day for 30 days and watch your mind and your life expand! Also included are mandala coloring pages that are great for centering your mind.

Sign up below to receive the So Happy & Grateful: Activating Your Power to Get Unstuck & Create a Life You'd Love to Live book that is designed to help you transform a personal or professional challenge you're facing and turn it into an opportunity.

Every month you will receive the Your First, Love newsletter with information and inspiration to help you reclaim your natural peace and power so you can live your soul's purpose.

Now more than ever, the world, your community, your family, and your HEART need you to be WHOLE and HEALED.

Being empowered as an HSP lakdjfla! Plan, play and prepare to leave a legacy IN people, not just FOR them.

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© 2022 Martha Grier, Inc. I Above all else, Love.

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