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The Still, I Rise® Deepen+Expand Coaching program goes right to the heart of your inner wisdom. There is nothing to “figure out;” no problem to solve. The answers you seek are inside of you waiting to be known. Deepen+Expand has no agenda except to create the space to help you listen to YOU.


Deep Coaching allows you to access the place inside of you that has the answers and guidance you seek. A session involves working with spiritual energies—keeping a spiritual ear tuned to what is seeking to be recognized and used in service to your unfolding into your most aligned and powerful Self. A sacred space is created for you to comfortably enter the place of inner reverence for the questions you have and the answers you desire. You'll learn how to access your subconscious mind and live life from the inside out. Schedule a clarity call today to see if Still, I Rise Deepen+Expand is right for you.

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