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Fatima Williams

Rosemarie P.

When I started working with Martha I felt like my life had plateaued. I was stuck somewhere between just doing okay and feeling overwhelmed. I was very much aware that I lacked focus and was not clear on what should be my next move. As a result of Martha’s coaching, my overall outlook for my future is exciting! Martha’s coaching program is an amazing opportunity for anyone who feels ready to begin getting more out of their life’s journey.”­

Jahari S.

The Incredible Lightness of Being is much more than I expected. I had begun to think, at my age, that I had goals that I’ve met; what more can I do except getting healthy. I had forgotten about my spiritual health; forgotten my way in some ways. I’ve come back at just the right time, in just the right place, with just the right people. I don’t know anyone that I would trust more than Martha with some of these issues. This is the real deal. I really do feel like I’m reawakening to myself again.

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