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ACTIVATE your healing POWER.

CLAIM the life you were BORN TO LOVE.

ELEVATE your state of BEING.

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  • Overwhelmed by the circumstances of your life?

  • As if you've been running in place for years?

  • Like you've tried "everything" but still aren't living the rich and meaningful life you want?

  • A lack of consistent control with your physical health?

  • Chronically stuck, frustrated, low energy, shameful and alone?

  • Like you're living up to somebody else's expectations?

  • That you're telling the same old story over and over?

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  • Mental and physical freedom and vibrancy?

  • Clarity of mind, body, heart, and spirit?

  • Consistency with practices that help move you forward and upward?

  • A supportive connection in community with like-minded women?

  • Inner peace and outer empowerment?

  • Optimism about the possibilities available to you in the 2nd half of life?

Still, I Rise Infinity Circles utilize a proven system to help you create the lasting change you deeply desire.

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Still, I Rise Coach Martha Grier

Personal Leadership Coach, Vibrational Healer

Like you, there was a time in my life when I was beyond stuck and couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Failed marriages and relationships, no idea what I was meant to do with my life, feeling alone and confused on the inside—and hiding it well! And then I got sick.

I experienced excruciating 24/7 head-to-toe itching for NINE months. It got to the point where I couldn’t think straight. After a while, it was too painful to scratch. All I could really do was go to work and come back home.

During that time, I got my hands on every self-help book I could and started to unwind the physical and emotional trauma I had experienced since childhood. When my doctor finally diagnosed it and wanted me to be on medication for the rest of my life, I declined. On the recommendation of friends, I did acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy, and changed how I was eating. I was cured in four months. CURED.

During the 9 months of itching, I dug down into the trauma and rage that was STUCK IN MY BODY and started to heal my self-esteem and reframe my thoughts.

That was the HEALING time.

The practices that got my body well was the CURING time.

Ignoring the doctor’s recommendation and taking my health into my own hands was empowering AND I finally knew what my life purpose was. I had a direction to follow!

That illness was one of the greatest gifts of my life. Knowing why I am here, and how I'm meant to serve, was the core piece missing from my life at that point.


The experience of taking responsibility for my health and healing from the illness led me to learn and get certified in a variety of holistic healing modalities and coach training including: Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Health Coaching, Reiki, Sound and Music Therapy, Raw and Living Foods, Deep Coaching, Essential Oils, Dynamic Phytotherapy, Crystal Therapy, and Life Mastery. 

Being able to assist people's healing and personal growth in the 2nd half of life so that they can release what's keeping them stuck—often for decades, like me—and step into their peace of mind and freedom, is a privilege and pleasure!

Can you imagine how amazing you’ll feel when you can shift your energy on the spot and reclaim your power in any stressful and confusing situation?


Can you imagine the power you’ll have and the joy you’ll experience when you have a clear vision for your BEST half of life and the tools, techniques and plan to make it a reality?

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Michelle Russo Kundzicz

Spirit Medium, Holistic Practitioner

From the time I was a teenager suffering from debilitating migraines, panic attacks during my divorce and excruciating lower back pain became such a part of whom I believed I was, what I believed my life would look like forever.


My doctors were prescribing medication after medication, from anti-anxiety meds to pain killers. I did not take most of them because I didn’t want to be on them and out of it.


Then during what was one of the most fearful, painful and honestly terrifying parts of my life— when I was working over 100 per week, a single mom of two and honestly hanging on by a thread—I was introduced to the idea that our thoughts and beliefs dictate how we feel; what our health and mental wellness look like. Honestly, it took several years to truly be open to this during which, yup, you guessed it, I suffered.


I had my first Reiki session at age 42 and thought I had finally found the IT to heal, so I began my path into energy and vibrational wellness. Learning that WE are energy and that each and every one of us can heal, support and expand that vibration to bring about vibrancy in our mind, body and spirit was my AH HA moment and that began my Self-Empowerment to my own wellness.


I now use essential oils, reiki, meditation, mindfulness, crystals, sound, a chiropractor, and colors to support a more balanced healthier life that opens the pathways so that not only can I receive energy, just as importantly if not more important, I can release old vibrations of lack, unworthiness, fear, anger, and beliefs anchored in stories that I believed to be true, that weren’t. This is where the healing begins.


As a teacher it is my intention to empower students with the knowledge that allows them to work with their own energy, to help them raise their vibrations, release limitations, navigate life's challenges and embrace life’s joys.


I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Spirit Medium, Energy Wellness Teacher and have received certification in Selenite Wand therapy, Magnified Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Angel Card Readings, and Distributor for YL Essential Oils. I continue to expand my knowledge and understanding of all areas of energy and its beauty.

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What we learned—and continue to learn—is that life happens from the INSIDE OUT.

Rather than being a punishment, the challenges we face are often the CLUE to how we’re meant to serve in this lifetime.

When you realize this, what you’re currently experiencing all of a sudden loses its hold on you.

If there’s one area where you have COMPLETE CONTROL it’s your ability to choose how you’re going to respond to situations, rather than react to them.

But you can’t initiate a response if you’re TRIGGERED TO REACT by unconscious thoughts that still have power over you.

The Still, I Rise Infinity Circle experience is designed to give women like you the tools and techniques to help clear your stuck places.

You'll reframe your old story and birth a new one.

You'll experience deep peace and grounding.

You'll create a personal healing and growth plan that will be a roadmap to your FREEDOM and expansion.

You'll have the opportunity to learn and practice vibrational healing modalities so that you can continue your journey at home.

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This introductory workshop sets the foundation for an on-going connection in community—on-line and in-person—so that you can FINALLY realize the change you desire and live the rich and rewarding 2nd half of life you deserve.

It's a NEW DAY and it's YOUR TIME to step fully into your peace, power, and purpose so that you can be a high-vibration force to help usher in a new life for yourself and a new world for humanity.


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