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Transform the rest of your life into the BEST of your life!

Live your purpose.

Change your world.

Rock your 2nd half of life.

Experience more joy, confidence, and meaning.


Stop trying to squeeze yourself into a life that doesn't fit.



with Still, I Rise Coaching

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Stop putting your dreams on hold and living up to other's expectations.

Overcome the inner roadblocks that threaten to derail your dreams.

Receive trusted guidance and fulfill your life's calling.

Experience increased joy, love, health, abundance, and meaning.


Feel like your BEST years are ahead of you.

Work with a coach who has over 20 years of experience helping women become the leaders of their life.

Use a proven coaching system that has helped hundreds of people live a life they love.

Take your first confident step toward freedom.

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Create the Life You Were Born to Love

Live the life you were BORN to love.

Taking the 1st step toward living your purpose with confidence in the second half of life isn't easy.

Making any kind of change in the 2nd half of life isn’t easy. But if you’ve been mostly living up to the expectation of others, it’s necessary for the survival of your Spirit. If not now, then when? There’s been something inside of you waiting to express authentically for decades. With our proven transformational coaching programs, you’ll not only be able to overcome your internal blocks and live the life you’ve only dreamed of, you’ll also show up so grounded in who you came here to be that others will be inspired by your example. Leave a legacy of meaning and abundance. Live the life you were BORN TO LOVE.


Catherine G.

Before my coaching with Martha, I felt lost, disconnected, and unsure that I was capable of ever pushing past fear and doubt. Working with Martha helped me regain my power and faith in myself. Her patient, calm, nurturing, passionate, and loving energy made me feel safe to free fall into my blind spots in every session. I could FEEL Martha's authentic interest in my wellbeing. I always felt inspired, motivated, and confident to move forward towards my goals. I was able to create a clear vision and timeline for my goals and took action steps with her guidance. The best part of my experience was feeling like I was speaking to a real—authentic— genuine amazing human who made me feel beyond comfortable each and every session. Her energy is unique and special. I highly recommend Martha to anyone and everyone who is ready to move forward towards their goals.


Jeanne R.

Through the DreamBuilder® coaching program, I not only had access to quality information and tools, but with the addition of Martha’s guidance, my efforts really made a tangible difference in a short time span. One example was when I set an intention for a song I had written to be presented to a specific major recording artist. Within hours of making a small shift in the daily journaling assignment I was given, I received a call from the music industry contact I had routinely pestered for 2 years. That evening as I stood behind the glass at the mic singing in the recording studio there was a very surreal feeling and a joy I can’t describe. I can’t recommend DreamBuilder® highly enough. Having a proven program which is guided by a person who shares profound insight and is motivated only to see you achieve your best is an experience beyond priceless.


Fatima W.

The value that I got out of DreamBuilder® coaching was far and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I released a lot of self-limiting beliefs around the idea that you had to really work hard in order to be successful and it had to take a long time. Because of the tools that I walked away with from the DreamBuilder® coaching I was able to manifest a new home. I was able to manifest an increase in my bottom line. I was able to get the courage to ask for more from my client base and get it. I was able to create and implement tools and courses in digital programs I had been really stuck on. I've released weight. Coach Martha is one of the most compassionate, empathetic, intuitive and spiritually-grounded coaches that I've ever worked with. Be it life coach, business coach, or spiritual coach, I feel like I got all three of those in one.

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